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"Our design process is a fluid combination of creativity, innovation, intrigue, and expertise."


We value our client’s wishes to not only have a refined, timeless interior but also to have a positive design experience.  We have strong organizational practices and a tailored approach for our administration and project coordination.  Our meticulous documentation process ensures precision and eases communication throughout the project. 


JCD is incredibly proud of the reputation we have built among our clients and industry partners.  Every project truly is a team effort, and we are honored to have the privilege to work with so many incredibly talented professionals that bring our designs and visions to life for our clients. 

Residential & Commercial Design Services

Initial Concepts

All projects – big and small – start with an open discussion between the design team and our clients.  This is a very collaborative stage, where we have conversations on personal style, everyday living, and aspirations.  Our design studio approaches all projects collaboratively, brainstorming ideas, concepts, and details.  Every project is driven by an enthusiasm to create, and accompanied with our team's vast knowledge of construction expertise.

  • Visual Inspirations

  • Initial Finishes

Comprehensive Floor Plans

Whether we are working on a custom new build home or a renovation, our design floor plans are created early in the design process.  We provide optimal floor plan layouts, influenced by space, scale, and overall functionality.  Our plans are scaled drawings providing dimensions, and key information for the design implementation. These plans are the pivotal foundation of the home and are central to every project.

  • Dimensioned Spatial Layouts

  • Partition Wall Locations

  • Custom Millwork Locations

  • Furniture Layouts & Dimensions

  • Architectural Details


Interior Construction Design Drawings & Specifications

In this phase our team further develops the interior construction drawings and finishing specifications.  Our internal documentation and specification process is thorough and concise.  Our comprehensive drawings ensure a smoother construction process with the individual trades onsite and help our clients have a better understanding of construction milestones ahead. 

  • Reflected Ceiling Plans

  • Electrical Plans

  • Plumbing Drawings and Specifications

  • Tile & Stone Drawings and Specifications



Millwork & Paneling Design

Custom designed millwork and paneling is one of the key elements that truly sets an interior space apart.  Every millwork design is approached with a fresh design sensibility while incorporating the functional needs of our client.  We love introducing an array of finishes into our millwork designs from natural wood, leather, textured linens, marbles, lacquered colors, mirrors, etc.  The Jessica Cinnamon Design team obsesses over the details.  The details may seem simple, but it is the combination of layered materials and subtle details that makes the space feel intimate, and luxurious. 

  • Millwork & Paneling Plans, Elevations, & Sections

  • Finish Specifications

  • Hardware Specifications



A home should be authentically personal, from construction down to the furnishings and décor.  It is our belief that every home should speak a language that reflects our client’s individuality. 

One-of-a-kind, bespoke furniture pieces set our clients’ homes apart from the conventional, ordinary pieces available.  Over the years, we have cultivated relationships with incredibly talented artisans who specialize in woodworking, metal fabrication, upholstery, plasterwork, lucite & acrylic fabrication, faux finishing, and various art mediums.  Custom furnishings allow us to design pieces that are specifically tailored to our client’s particular style and the interior for which it’s made.

  • General Furniture & Décor

  • Window Coverings

  • Art Curation

  • Custom Furniture

Contact us to discuss your project, and have our team create an Interior Design Package specific for you!

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